How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An Edmonton Hot Tub?

Keeping your hot tub working well involves multiple steps that will cost at least a few hundred dollars per year. If you have a small, efficient hot tub, you could expect to pay $400 to $800 if you do all of the upkeep on your own--but expect to pay more for a bigger hot tub or if you hire anyone to help with maintenance. Here are some broken down costs for hot tub upkeep.

Replacement of Jet Nozzles

A small hot tub may have 10 jets, while a bigger one could have a hundred or more. You could expect to pay about $10 when you need a jet nozzle replaced and might need to replace the nozzles as frequently as once a year.

Replacement of your hot tub cover

Snow is a part of every winter in Alberta, which means that having a cover for your hot tub is essential for keeping energy costs down and your Edmonton hot tub protected from freezing. You should replace your cover every 3 years at least, which will cost you a minimum of a couple hundred dollars.

Replacement and cleaning of filters

Filters themselves will cost about $20 each, and how often you use your hot tub affects how long they last. If you want to lessen how often you will need new ones, get some TSP to wash them with.

Keeping the water clean

You’ll need to keep the water in your hot tub clean somehow, whether by buying specialized chemicals or regular household cleaning products like liquid bleach. An assortment of household products could cost you about $30 each for a year, while specialized chemicals will cost more.

Other things you’ll have to consider is how much could be spent on heating the water, among other things. If you want to know what you can expect for costs from the kind of hot tub you’d like to purchase, contact World of Spas today.

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