The Luxura V7 Series - A new breed of Stand-Up


  • Standard Colors: Eternal Blue, Lime Green, Sunbeam Yellow, Pearl White
  • Overall Dimensions: 92in. high x 51in. wide x 53in. deep (93in. w/ dressing room)
  • Recommended Room Size: 7ft. x 7ft.
  • Shipping Weight: 900 lbs.

A standing tanning unit literally tans the body from head to toe in a hygienic and comfortable way. The V7 is an all round tanning device with which you can offer this knowledge to all your customers. This sun will certainly get positive attention in your business. The attractive design that is available in a bright colour range (from deep yellow to the glamour edition) will tickle your customers' curiosity. This makes this all-rounder with 48 high quality tubes suitable for use in various business situations. Tanning salons, wellness companies, health centres as well as hairdressing salons have already experienced that the V7 is an attractive profit centre.

The list of standard features on the V7 is surprisingly long, with facilities like an adjustable body cooler, digital timer display, connection for external timer and loudspeakers. The attractive DecoLight with lighted handles accentuate its design. The pedestal makes it easier to maintain hygiene in and outside the device. The optional feature Xsens (a great aroma available in fragrances citrus, exotic or ocean) turns tanning into a relaxing experience, with no white pressure spots on the body. Furthermore, the V7 has a matching changing cabin available (optional), which can be attached to the device. In this way, you can create a tanning facility in any environment, without any alteration, and thus no additional cost. Obvious first-class quality in tanning: the Luxura V7.

  • Luxura V7 48 XLc High Intensive - 48 combi lamps

Color Choices:

  • Eternal Blue
  • Lime Green
  • Sunbeam Yellow
  • Pearl White