The Luxura V5 Series - Maximum Efficiency


  • Standard Colors: Blue, Pearl, Orange, Lime
  • Overall Dimensions: 41"D x 49.8"W x 87.8"H
  • Recommended Room Size: 8ft. x 7ft.
  • Shipping Weight: 690 lbs.

The Luxura V5 is a cost-efficient stand up tanning unit, featuring 42 extra-long combi lamps, low-energy display illumination, and double doors to minimize the footprint. Tanners will love the V5 because of the superior results that stand-up tanning booths provide.

The V5 is illuminated with a low energy lamp while not in use, making it look great on the inside while saving you money. When opened, the unit only gains 10 inches in depth, lowering it's footprint and increasing your tanning capacity. It can even be equipped with optional speakers for the tanner's enjoyment.

  • Luxura V5 42 XLc High Intensive - 42 XL combi lamps

Color Choices:

  • Blue
  • Pearl
  • Orange
  • Lime