The Luxura V10 Series


  • SoundAround 4.1 Speaker Sound System
  • MyMP3 Allows personal audio devices like MP3 players to be connected to SoundAround.
  • HPS (SLi Only) High pressure facials use reflective surfaces and blue filters for higher UVB output
  • XSens Aromatherapy Aromatherapy option where a fragrance (citrus, ocean, or exotic) is circulated through the bed's fans.
  • QSens Mist Uses the bed's ventilation system to cool the tanner with a specially formulated fine mist.

Unconditionally, you want the best for your business and customers. Your top salon is definitely positioned in the high-end market and customers are used to get only the very best. Superb quality, up-to-date knowledge and the latest trends. people will find it in your salon. It goes without saying that, in addition to horizontal tanning, you also offer a 'standing sun'. Of course, you want a device that does maximum justice to stand-up tanning. In the beautiful design of the V10, 50 tubes do their work with a stunning result. The standing tanning unit is available in the colours Royal Red and Pearl White in the versions Passion, Romance or Cool. Listen for a moment with enjoyment to the standing ovation for the V10!

The fabulous design and spacious interior of the V10 proudly show the quality of this standing tanning device. This quality can be found in features such as the no less than four innovative sprayers, which emit a delightful cooling water mist. Also in this standing version, the unique ventilation system ensures an even cooling of the whole body. The two doors are impressive, nevertheless can be opened easily and simultaneously and have a small rotation angle: ideal for every customer and every space. Other special features in this top-class product are the facial tanners, which are integrated in the vertical model. Special lamps tan the face, neck and décolleté efficiently and with extra attention. In addition to all standard comfort features, you can choose from a large selection of optional extras, to ensure your customers of the optimum tanning result. The impressive lift floor brings even the smallest and largest sun worshipper in the ideal position for the optimum tanning effect.

  • Luxura V10 50 SLi Ultra Intensive - 50 lamps & 4 facials

Color Choices:

  • Cherry Red
  • Bronze