• The Luxura X10 Series

    The Luxura X10 is the pinnacle of tanning excellence. It packs up to fifty-two 160 and 180-watt lamps..

  • The Luxura X7 Series

    All X7 models boast the ContourPLUS system and the BackFLEX system. ContourPLUS is a sculpted acrylic..

  • The Luxura X5 Series

    The Luxura X5 is the perfect mid-level bed, customizable to fit your preferences. It's available with two types of facial L.

  • The Luxura X3 Series

    With the X3, you can select your favourite of four lamp versions: 30 SLi (1 x 400 W SLi face tanner)..

  • The Luxura Onyx Series

    The Onyx Series bridges the gap between the two tanning markets. On one hand, we have an excellent entry..

  • The Luxura V10 Series

    Unconditionally, you want the best for your business and customers. Your top salon is definitely ..

  • The Luxura V7 Series

    A standing tanning unit literally tans the body from head to toe in a hygienic and comfortable way.

  • The Luxura V5 Series

    The Luxura V5 is a cost-efficient stand up tanning unit, featuring 42 extra-long combi lamps, low-energy display illumination..

  • ProSun V3 - High Output, Little Space

    The ProSun V3, like the Onyx it's based on, is a light commercial unit that's also suitable for home use.