Onyx - Best of Both Worlds


  • Standard Colors: Bronze, Cherry Red
  • Overall Dimensions: 83"L x 35.5"W x 48"H
  • Recommended Room Size: 8ft. x 8ft.
  • Shipping Weight: 250 lbs.

The Onyx Series bridges the gap between the two tanning markets. On one hand, we have an excellent entry level tanning bed for commercial salons. On the other, it's also available as the high end of our home tanning line. It has the looks and power of a light commercial unit, but it's affordable like home beds. The high output model has a maximum session of 15 minutes; that's even faster than the ProSun X3. The look of the unit is completed with an attractive base skirt.

Salon Owners: This is a great entry level bed to get your customers started on. It has timer hook ups, up to 32 lamps, and it can be equipped with a 400-watt facial lamp. It's light and affordable, making it the perfect choice for someone just getting into the salon business.

Home Tanners: The Onyx will not only give you the results you crave, but it'll also make your friends glow with envy. You'll look great, feel great, and have an amazing looking bed to show off to your guests.

  • 75" 110-Watt bronzing lamps in canopy
  • Digital timer displays in all models
  • Energy efficient air flow
  • Commercial-grade facials
  • Six different models available
  • Choose cherry red or bronze with matching base skirt

Color Choices:

  • Cherry Red
  • Bronze