• Spa sponge

    Removes the toughest stains and odours from spas and spa covers.

  • Cop Out

    Used for the prevention of stains in hot tubs due to the precipitation of metals such as copper and iron. Also

  • Defoamer

    An effective and safe defoaming agent for spas.

  • Filter Free

    Filter cleaner and scale remover. Also works to improve filtration.

  • Spa Perfect

    Naturally cleans spa water and filter media. Works with all sanitizers.

  • Stain and Scale

    Prevents and eliminates scale formation.

  • Super Clear

    Used as a weekly treatment to keep spa water sparkling. Prevents oil and scum buildup without clogging the fil

  • Whirl-O-Clean

    Effective degreser and pipe cleaner for jetted baths and hot tubs.

  • Zorbie

    Reduces foul odors, reduces foaming, absorbs body and suntan oils, helps keep water crystal clear.